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MXS 5.0 UK

The MXS 5.0 comes with automatic temperature compensation for the best charging performance, even in extreme conditions.

Automatic charging and maintenance for vehicle and motorcycle batteries, with reconditioning mode

The MXS 5.0 is an advanced microprocessor controlled battery charger which gives unrivalled performance for lead acid batteries from 1.2-110Ah. It comes with automatic temperature compensation built in which ensures the best charging performance, even in the most extreme conditions. The MXS 5.0 also includes battery diagnosis to establish whether your battery can receive and retain a charge, patented automatic desulphation program, an AGM option which maximises the performance life of most Stop/Start batteries and a special Recond mode for reconditioning deeply discharged batteries. The MXS 5.0 uses CTEK’s patented float/pulse system, which is the most efficient maintenance mode when a battery is connected for long periods.


  • Charges batteries up to 110A
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
  • Safe spark free operation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Short circuit proof


Technical data

Battery capacity
1.2–160 Ah
Charging category
AC charging
Back Current Drain, details
*) Back current drain is the current that drains the battery if the charger is not connected to the mains. CTEK chargers have a very low back current.
Battery voltage
12 V
Battery chemistry
Lead acid (AGM, GEL, EFB, MF, CaCa)
Ambient operating temperature
-20 ˚C to +50 ˚C
14.4/14.7/15.8 V, 5.0 A
Start voltage
2.0 V
220–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz, 0.6 A
Less than 4 %
Back current drain*
Corresponding to less than 1 Ah/month
Ripple, details
**) The quality of the charging voltage and charging current is very important. A high current ripple heats up the battery which has an aging effect on the positive electrode. High voltage ripple could harm other equipment that is connected to the battery. CTEK battery chargers produce very clean voltage and current with low ripple.
Battery types
12 V:; WET; MF; Ca/Ca; AGM; GEL
Ingress protection
Warranty, info
Limited Warranty
Warranty, details
CTEK issues a limited warranty to the original purchaser of the product. Depending on the product, the limited warranty period will vary. The limited warranty is not transferable. The warranty applies to manufacturing faults and material defects. The warranty is void if the product has been handled carelessly or repaired by anyone other than CTEK or its authorized representatives. CTEK makes no warranty other than this limited warranty and is not liable for any other costs other than those mentioned above, i.e. no consequential damages. Moreover, CTEK is not obligated to any other warranty other than this warranty.
5 years

Customer Reviews

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David Bussoopun
Probably one of the best chargers

It’s a charger for most needs. I have 4 cars used for different purposes. The charger is good for a general booster for winter. To keep my summer car ticking over and also it can repair faulty cells. It’s very small and also comes with a useful carry bag to keep it tidy.

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