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LE Clay Lube - 100ml

Liquid Elements

LE Clay Lube - 100ml

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Liquid Elements Clay Lube Kneading - Lubricant

Liquid Elements Clay Lube is a specially developed kneading lubricant
for the use of cleaning clay .
The ingredients used not only protect the modeling clay,
but also ensure enormous gliding behavior.
Protects against scratches during the kneading process and prevents the porous disintegration of
the cleaning clay as
would happen, for example, when using detergent as a lubricant.

Liquid Elements Clay Lube Highlights :

  • Especially for modeling clay
  • Prevents porous disintegration of the modeling clay
  • Enormous gliding behavior
  • Easy to remove residues
  • Scratching the treated surface is greatly reduced

Liquid Elements Clay Lube application :

  1. Shake the bottle properly
  2. Wet the surface to be treated with Clay Lube
  3. Glide over the wetted surface with the cleaning dough under light pressure
  4. Remove residues with a microfiber cloth such as the Liquid Elements Moss

Liquid Elements Clay Lube  Notes :

  • The treated area should be washed thoroughly beforehand and cleaned of coarse dirt.
  • Always make sure that the treated area is properly wetted
  • Insufficiently wetted surfaces can lead to scratches
  • Do not use on hot surfaces
  • Do not let it dry
  • pH at 20 ° C = ~ 7

Liquid Elements Clay Lube Containers :

100ml - item no .: F11_100
1000ml - item no .: F11_1000

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