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LE Dust Cracker EXTREME Wheel Cleaner

Liquid Elements

LE Dust Cracker EXTREME Wheel Cleaner


The Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme is the most powerful pH skin-neutral rim cleaner on the vehicle care market!

Liquid Elements did it! After we, Liquid Elements, launched the best rim cleaner in terms of price / performance with the Dust Cracker a few years ago, we have now managed to develop what is probably the most powerful ph-skin-neutral rim cleaner.

Dust Cracker Extreme is the new achievement from Liquid Elements and is a highly intensive, reactive premium rim cleaner for all known materials. 

Features of the Liquid Element Dust Cracker Extreme:

  • Probably the most powerful ph skin-neutral rim cleaner on the market

  • Applicable to all types of rims

  • Extreme high quality and rare ingredients

  • Extreme strong cleaning performance

  • Extremely gentle cleaning performance

  • Extreme acid free

  • Extreme pH neutral

  • Extreme gel-like consistency

  • Extremely pleasant smell


Using the Dust Cracker Extreme:

  • Shake bottle of Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme before use

  • Let the Dust Cracker Extreme take effect for about 1 minute (no longer than 3min.)

  • Remove residues with a water jet or high-pressure cleaner

  • Remove stubborn residue with a clean microfiber cloth (will not be necessary in most cases

Difference between Dust Cracker Extreme and Dust Cracker

What is the difference compared to the Dust Cracker rim cleaner? The "normal" dust cracker is still the first choice for lightly used and dirty rims. However, the Dust Cracker Extreme (the extreme variant) offers a few more specials for the user

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