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LE Easy Clean Waterless Wash

Liquid Elements

LE Easy Clean Waterless Wash


Easy Clean dry lotion and lubricant is a perfect two in one product.
The sensational formula cleans the entire outer rake quickly, easily and effectively.
For the use of Easy Clean, no water (rinseless wash), but only a microfiber cleaning cloth
to wipe off loosened dirt. Within seconds, dust and dirt are removed without effort.
Thanks to its special formula, which forms a good lubricating film and only slowly, Liquid Elements Easy Clean is also ideal for eliminating deposits using cleaning> A very important product for a perfectly shiny car at any time in everyday life , The way to the washing box is too far? Easy Clean is ready!

For stubborn stains, let it work for about 20 seconds or repeat the process.
It makes sense to work from top to bottom, as you would expect from car wash.
If there is heavy coarse dirt on the vehicle, it is advisable to remove it by a proper hand wash, with prior use of a high pressure washer. Large dirt particles such as tree bark, leaves, small branches or the like can cause scratches when wiping over the paint.


  • Clean without water (rinseless wash)
  • Fast, easy and effective
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Lubricant for cleaning clay
  • Everywhere applicable
  • Suitable for foils and matt varnishes
  • No smearing outlook


    1. Shake first
    2. Spraying on surface
    3. Spread with a microfiber cloth
    4. 5-10. let it act on
    5. Remove the residue with a second microfiber cloth


      • Not suitable for coarse soiling (risk of scratches)
      • Protect Against Frost

        Works with:

        • Pepper Mint Microfibre Cloth
        • Moss microfibre cloth

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