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Rotary Polisher Extender Kit

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Rotary Polisher Extender Kit


An extender kit for extending the use of a rotary polisher for those small and hard to reach areas. each kit comes with the following.

1. 3x φ1.5x1cm Red Finishing Pad
2. 3x φ2.6x1.2cm Red Finishing Pad 
3. 3x φ1.5x1cm Green Polishing Pad 
4. 3x φ2.6x1.2cm Green Polishing Pad
5. 3x φ1.5x0.5cm Felt Polishing Pad
6. 3x φ2.5cm Long Wool Pad
7. 3x Size:3x4.5cm Orange Polishing Pad
8. 3x Size:3x3cm Orange Polishing Pad
9. 1x φ1.5cm Backing Pad
10. 1x φ2.5cm Backing Pad
11. 1x Adaptor 5/8"
12. 1x Small Wrench
13. 1x Small Bag 

Also available with the addition of KKD MICRO STORM Pads in:

1 x 1.5cm Black Fine

1 x 1.5cm Yellow Polishing

1 x 1.5cm Burgundy Cutting

1 x 1.5cm White Coarse Cut

1 x 1.5cm Grey Wool Medium

1 x 1.5cm Microfibre Cutting

1 x 1.5cm Microwool Cutting

1 x 2.5cm Red Polishing

1 x 2.5cm White Coarse

 1 x 2.5cm Grey Wool Medium

1 x 2.5cm Microfibre Cutting

1 x 2.5cm Microwool Cutting


Rotary Polisher not included.

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