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CM8806FN Paint Thickness Gauge


CM8806FN Paint Thickness Gauge


Whether you are a pro or a keen enthusiast a paint depth gauge will be one of the most valuable investments you can make. Accurately assess how much clearcoat you are removing and be able to stay within safety margins rather than working blind and hoping for the best.

Product Description:

Coating Thickness Gauge Fe/NFe 2 Probe with Color Screen CM8806FN
This model has the black screen surround as opposed to the orange as in the pictures

-Large and clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT)
-Auto recognition of the substrate material (Fe or NFe)
-Metric/imperial switchable (mil/um switchable)
-Single / Continue measurement selectable
-Flip display
-99 data  memory 
-Simultaneously displays 5 readings: (easy for data analysis and comparison) Measuring Reading , Average Reading , Max. Reading , Min. Reading and Standard Deviation.
Range: 0 - 1250um; 0 - 50mil (Max. add to 2000um/80mil)
Resolution: 1um, 0.1mils 
Accuracy: ± (3%+2um), ± (3%+0.1mils)
Response time: 0.6 sec
Sensor type: Fe & NFe 2 in 1 
Large and Clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT)  + Flip Display,Easy Reading  at any condition and angle
Battery: 1.5Vx2 AAA size (Not Included)
Dimension: 119x52x28mm
Packing: carrying case, substrate blocks (steel x 1pc, Aluminumx1pc),Calibration foils x 1set, English manual

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