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Detailing Kingdom NEXT CUT 1.1

Detailing Kingdom

Detailing Kingdom NEXT CUT 1.1


Detailing Kingdom Next Cut 1.1 - 500mlThe latest compound technology.  Next Cut 1.1 is a water based diminishing abrasive compound utilising a homogenous grain that has been specifically designed to be used on hard and soft clear coats.  It can eliminate deep scratches (P1500) and due to the diminishing abrasives, will also leave a high gloss finish.  To further enhance the finish we recommend following with Next Cut Finale.  
On softer paints where some users can experience 'stickiness' due to heat build up, we recommend spraying the pad with Detailing Kingdom Celebrate which will not only help to reduce the temperature but will also act as a lubricant.

Next Cut 1.1 has been designed to produce little to no dust and polish residue can be removed with absolute ease.  It really is quite a unique compound.

For an exhnaced finish as a one step compound on minor defects, Next Cut 1.1 can be combined with FDT or FDC.  For this, users would add 4 pea size drops of Next Cut 1.1 and 2-3 of FDT or FDC and polish as usual.  The finish will be extremely glossy and protected.

Next cut 1.1 contains no silicone or fillers and is bodyshop safe

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