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DEVILS JUICE Acidic Wheel Cleaner

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DEVILS JUICE Acidic Wheel Cleaner



DEVILS JUICE Acidic wheel cleaner is a highly advanced formula that when diluted with water thickens to a gel like consistency that helps the product cling to the wheel surface longer.

Removes baked on carbon deposits and those brownish films that normal wheel cleaners find hard to remove

We recommend you dilute at 1:3 to 1:4

How can we make it better you ask? As far as performance and results we can’t!…however……..
The thickening agent we used in v1 was an old tried and tested solution. However with more exacting regulations coming into effect,
it was no longer meeting these necessary regulations. So we set about changing to a more advanced and modern version which we can now use because, whilst pricing of ingredients is a lot higher to us, useage is less. That has a couple of impacts for the user: Firstly they are putting less surfactant down the drain and it is thus much less of a load on the water treatment facilities. Secondly, the new product is more easily biodegradable. These combine to give Devils Juice a greener profile.
Also on v1 the old thickening agent on occasion was known to solidify temporarily in extreme cold and would need warming back up to allow it ‘mix’ back into the product again. With v2 this should now be eliminated and a thing of the past. Oh and of course…v2 is red…much prettier !!!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The best I have tried but take care with leaving it on as it's acid..

Been struggling with cleaning my alloys and seeing a lot of recommendations I tried it on one and it really was the best yet. I did small areas are a time as I have diamond cut allows as noticed that it can make the clear coat milky if you leave it on too long thankfully it was just a very small spot but it was a valuable lesson to me. In summary, clean using non-acidic then use this for the stubborn areas.

lewis brooker
Very Good!

Don’t try any other wheel cleaners. Buy this you won’t be disappointed.

anthony mcguirk
Didnt get the right product

The product in my bottle was basically like water. it has the slightest bit of redness to it.

Tomas Masek
Customer service and Devils Juice

I have to say how excited and surprised I was with customer service. Very fast response and professional service! I had an issue with delivery as the product was damaged. I’ve contacted customer service and everything was sorted just in couple of hours. Thank you for that! Also the Devils Juice is my favourite wheel cleaner! I would say one of the best! Very strong even when diluted and very effective. Will definitely buy more!!

Sean McCartney
Extra Bite

We all know the struggle with some wheels. Sometimes you need that extra bite. Devils Juice fills that gap perfectly. Dilutable depending on severity of build up, majorly economical and 100% success rate on every application. Has been my go to for a long time. 666 out of 666 - Sean. MVD

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