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Fabsil Universal Cleaner


Fabsil Universal Cleaner


Perfect for regular cleaning and maintenance, or as a first step before waterproofing.

  • Effectively cleans dirt and stains.
  • Works with all types of fabric - both wearable and non-wearable.
  • Ideal for use before applying water-proofing treatments.

The perfect way to prepare a dirty tent, awning, or furniture cover for future water-repellent treatments, Fabsil Universal Cleaner helps to remove dirt, dust, and other muck from all kinds of fabrics. 

There's little use in applying a fresh water-repellent treatment to dirty fabrics - the treatment will stick to any dirt on the fabric's surface, and will be quickly washed away. A mild detergent, Fabsil Universal Cleaner will effectively remove all dirt from the surface of outdoor fabrics without leaving further residue - leaving your tent, covers, sails, and awnings ready for a waterproofing treatment. 

Dilute Universal Cleaner into water as per the instructions on the bottle. Allow to dry before applying any waterproofing treatments. 

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