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FeRRUM Fallout Remover

Krystal Kleen Detail

FeRRUM Fallout Remover


FeRRUM an iron fallout remover that physically bonds with sintered iron particles and releases them from the surface affected. It then dissolves them in the water giving the characteristic 'bleeding' effect.

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Safe for application to all exterior vehicle surfaces and may also be diluted with water when intended for more regular use or on vehicles with low levels of fallout contamination. Also contains a blend of degreasing agents to remove oily soils

Can strip some LSP's at higher concentrations.

Ammonium free formulation

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
josh cohen
amazing Value

Perfect for removing metal deposits in paint and wheels don't buy it as a wheel cleaner use Brakeaway and then this after every 2nd wash this is the best value for money fallout remover around imo always great results with KKD

chris Peck
Iron fallout

After finding metal deposits on my paint work, this product was recommended to me. Following the directions on the bottle was amazed by the results and seems to have rejuvenated the paint work, would highly recommend this product.

Rhys Roberts
Faultless product!

FeRRUM is a great product for money, dwell time doesn't take too long and it does as it says on the label. It's got my vote!

Stephen Goss

This is by far one of the most effective wheel cleaner and fall out remover I’ve used.

Daniel Thomas
My go to fall out

My go to fall out remover. Does exactly what it should. Smells pleasant for a fall out and works perfectly for decontamination on paintwork.

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