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LE Decon-One Pre-Cleaner

Liquid Elements

LE Decon-One Pre-Cleaner


Decon One is the optimal all-purpose weapon for vehicle care.
The cleaner can be used universally and can be used for all
soiling on motor vehicles.
Oil, tar, rust film, sludge or any kind of dirt
are removed gently, thoroughly and without residue.


  • Strong cleaning formula
  • All-purpose weapon for every area
  • Removes oil, tar, rust film, mud and all other dirt
  • Gentle on materials
  • Residue-free cleaning
  • PH-level neutral


  1. Shake first
  2. Spray on surface
  3. Leave on for approx. 1-2 minutes
  4. Remove loosened dirt with a high pressure cleaner


  • Do not use on warm surfaces
  • Do not let it dry


Variant 1000ml Decon One
Delivery: Decon One in 1000ml spray bottle

Variant 5000ml Decon One
Delivery: Decon One in 5000ml box without spray bottle

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