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LE Quick Detailer *Special Edition*

Liquid Elements

LE Quick Detailer *Special Edition*


The Liquid Elements Quick Detailer “Special Edition´s”

2 delicious new fragrances await you with this special edition of the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer. Now also Pina Colada and watermelon as new pure smells.

The well-known and popular Quick Detailer from Liquid Elements now in special fragrance variants. Easy cleaning performance with water-repellent effect.

The Liquid Elements Quick Detailer has long been one of the most popular products in the field of Quick Detailing Sprays. Very easy processing with excellent results at an absolutely unbeatable price-performance ratio. The Quick Detailer offers extensive protection, a beautiful rich shine and an ideal water-repellent and draining effect. It is also much easier to wash vehicles on vehicles that were previously treated with the Quick Detailer. An all-round product for outdoors, indispensable in every product range.

The new smell variants make processing even more extravagant and varied. Fresh fragrance notes offer even more fun to use and make it a pleasure every time. 

Why do you need the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer Special Edition's

The Quick Detailer is a mixture of cleaner with a light seal including an increase in gloss. If you need to make your vehicle shine at short notice, e.g. For example, if you are going to a meeting or friends are visiting, you can confidently use the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer. If you feel like Pina Colada or watermelon, then take a bottle of the Quick Detailer Special Edition.

Quick detailer highlights

The Liquid Elements Quick Detailer is also suitable for foils. You can use it to edit entire outdoor areas with the Quick Detailer. And the best thing: With the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer you don't have to be afraid if your matt film or matt lacquer gets one. You only get the shine on the hood if the surface should also be shiny. You see, everything was thought of in the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer.

 Here are a few details about the Quick Detailer at a glance

  • Easily and gently removes dust and light dirt.

  • Unsurpassed price-performance ratio

  • Rich gloss (except for matt surfaces, which get their natural color)

  • Very easy processing

  • Optimal water pearl formation and water drainage behavior

  • For the entire outdoor area (paint, plastic, glass, rims etc.)

  • Also suitable on film. 

  • New dirt adheres significantly less

  • Vehicle washing is simplified

  • Also perfect for shows, trade fairs, sales rooms and events

Quick Detailer Special Edition's application

Using the Quick Detailer is really easy and will certainly be easy for you too. It is very important to shake vigorously before you apply the Quick Detailer. Then simply spray the areas to be treated generously with the Quick Detailer. And now the most important thing: Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surfaces last until no residues can be seen. Three simple steps and your vehicle is flawlessly clean with the Liquid Elements Detailer Special Edition!

Quick Detailer Special Editon's fragrance variants

What is so special about the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer Special Edition? Exactly: The new great fragrance variants. Simply choose your favorite from two new fragrances. Choose either the Quick Detailer in Pina Colada or the smell of watermelon. Both delicious, both cool and both fragrances are part of the Liquid Elements Quick Detailer Special Edition!

Quick Detailer Special Edition's Notes:

We would like to give you a few important tips for the Quick Detailer along the way. Because it is so easy to use with the Liquid Element Quick Detailer, you should still note a few really small things. So please read first, then apply: 

  • Do not use for heavy soiling

  • Do not use on hot surfaces

  • Shake before use

  • Protect from frost

  • Do not let it dry

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