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Prime is a critical part in the preparation stage of paint correction. It acts as a clay bar lubricant while laying down a root structure, to allow the coating to adhere to the surface exceptionally well.

Prime is used prior to compounding and polishing and after Wash, during the clay barring stage. Prime helps fill the micro-voids in the paint with a root system (these microvoids are deeper than the cut of the compound). The rooting system improves the adhesion of the coatings even further and will allow the coatings to achieve their highest performance as far as durability and longevity is concerned.

With the micro-voids filled prior to compounding, the micro-voids won’t be filled with wax and filler from the compounding/polishing, which would interfere with the adhesion of the coatings.

The residue left by prime will act as a lubricant to the compound abrasive, keeping the abrasive particles from agglomerating and reducing in effectiveness. This is especially useful for non-diminishing abrasives, and is perfectly optimized for our Hypercompound and Hyperpolish. Detailers have also reported an “easier and more effective cut” when using Prime.

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