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PURITY-X Polymer Concentrate

Krystal Kleen Detail

PURITY-X Polymer Concentrate


PURITY ‘X’ is an extremely concentrated blend of siloxane polymers. It can be used as an aid to the wash process during the final rinse or can be used purely as a spray on sealant depending upon dilution rates used.

At dilutions of 10:1 it can be used as a conventional sealant. Apply to the panel via applicator, wait to haze and then buff clear. This will provide up to six months durability.

PURITY ‘X’ can also be applied through a foam lance. When 5ml is mixed with 500ml of water and applied to the vehicle surfaces it will act as a sealant application and provide a stand alone layer of protection with enhanced gloss levels or boost the existing LSP. For regular maintenance work 1ml in 500ml of water will maintain the finish and hydrophobic qualities

Can be used on all painted surfaces and also glass.

Comes supplied with a 10ml syringe for accurate dosing and economy.

Also available with an extra 250ml empty labelled bottle with fine mist trigger spray head

NOTE: PURITY X is an extremely concentrated blend of polymers and must not be stored next to radiators or other similar heat sources for extended periods of time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Great product for detailers & car enthusiasts
Good company with great variety.. delivery maybe a bit expensive?
Cheers will use again.

Ioan Vlaic
It does a lot for what it is

It does have a great beading effect for what it is , I love it!

Matt Lawson
Purity X

Great product, saves time with drying and leaves a streak free finish. Always used on every job

Darth platypus
Amazing product

Long over due review as I've been using this product for 7 years purchased from here while in the UK .
First use the product as directed !

My motorcycle which is a naked bike gets used all year round ,anything to assist in keeping it looking good is a plus .

I brought it to see how well it copes with road dirt and I wasn't disappointed.
No water sticks to the bike after application.
what ever dirt is left only needs a gentle pressure wash to remove .
You can mist over clean panels to keep the surfaces topped up.

On cars it's amazing where the water sheet effect really shows , again car stays looking good for months where only a quick wash down is needed and mist when needed to keep it working.

I use a pressure washer to apply , once done clean the pressure nozzle soon as possible otherwise it'll get gummed up

The product isn't designed for long storage so best used as often as needed

Glad it's back in stock too as I'll be needing more soon!

Adam Wallin
Purity x

Purity x what a product used many sealants and this one is up the top of the list awesome product highly recommended

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