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SCHOLL Spider Pad - 165mm


SCHOLL Spider Pad - 165mm

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Scholl Concepts Purple SpiderPad is a medium high performance polishing pad with a 3D calibrated foam surface that enhances the cutting performance and yield of your chosen compound. It combines the advantages of foam and wool pads.

This multi-purpose pad is designed for medium defect removal with the calibrated face creating more mechanical cut from your chosen compound. With just one polish and one foam pad, detailers can finish light to heavily weathered paints, eliminate holograms and provide long-lasting sealing of the paint. 

Scholl Concepts' new SpiderPads are high quality reticulated foam, provide high durability, tear resistance and low heat generation and have optimized special bonding and a centre hole for perfect air circulation.

Advantages include:

  • Enhanced cutting performance and yield of compound
  • High tear resistance and relatively hard foams for maximum performance
  • Better air circulation due to the reticulated foam helping to reduce surface temperature
  • Recessed velour backing for more safety
  • Excellent finishing capabilities when polishing with moderate pressure
  • Centre hole to help reduce surface temperature (not available in 90mm)
  • A long lifespan 

Designed for functionality with intelligent detail - the recessed velour backing enables safe and comfortable polishing in hard-to-access areas while simultaneously preventing damage by the otherwise razor-sharp Velcro face of the back-up disc.

Suitable for use with dual action (DA) and rotary polishing machines.

Pad cut: Medium (4/6)

Pad cut: Heavy (4-5/6)

Please note: The 90mm pad does not have a centre hole (only the 145mm and 170mm).

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